Good and bad in academic publishing

Okay, so the bad isn’t really about academic publishing, and the good isn’t about academic publishing in general. I just want to make some notes on where I’m at. Because, well, it’s on my mind.

First, the bad: I made a really idiotic mistake in my most recent book. I repeatedly cited VK Wadhawan, who has been a leader in the sharing of transhumanist ideas in India, but I mispelled his initials as DK. Every. Single. Time. Except the bibliography: that’s my saving grace. I know the man’s name. I must have just gotten going with it wrongly when I wrote the chapter that he’s in and then just kept at it. Happily, one of my readers pointed out the mistake to me. So, I emailed him to apologize.

Dr. Wadhawan wrote back with: “Thank you for your mail. I have bought your recent book, and started reading it. Great job. I do hope your book goes into second edition, so you can spell my name correctly!”

I couldn’t be more happy about that. His graciousness in responding was ever so kind (and he even has a copy of my book!). I’m hoping for a second edition also. πŸ˜‰

If you’re hoping we get to a second edition, and I get to fix his name spelling, you can participate! πŸ™‚ All you have to do is take advantage of a (current? ongoing?) discount on the book at Oxford University Press thanks to the folks at OUPReligion. Head over here and use the discount code EXAAR22 … that code will also get you 40% off a bunch of other books. So, umm, shop a lot? Anyway, thanks to the folks at OUP for lowering costs a bit.

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