AI policy recommendations

One of the things that I engaged last year was an extensive set of conversations, workshops, and public events on AI ethics. I was involved with those as a member of the G20 Interfaith Forum’s working group on Science, Technology, & Infrastructure. My wonderful colleagues in the working group are Prof Marco Ventura (University of Sienna) and Dr Branka Marijan (Project Ploughshares), and we worked together to set up a host of events that included experts in robotics, AI, theology, philosophy, law, and science & technology studies. Experts came from Africa, North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

The outcome of all these events was a set of policy recommendations for global AI ethics that we hope will help in policy debates for G20 nations and also as religious groups consider how to become educated about and engage within tech development. You can download our policy recommendations here. You can read summaries of some of our public events here and here.

You can watch the first of them below, with apologies to the brilliant Dr. Selma Sabanovic for the opening freeze 🙂

It was a joy to work on this project with the many folks who generously shared their time and expertise with us…for free, no less! I couldn’t be more grateful to the couple dozen scholars and thinkers who made this possible. I think it’s very important that we move forward with concrete policy efforts, and that we consider what cultural values can be leveraged to produce better outcomes. That’s a global project for global flourishing.

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