Available: sample chapter from Temples of Modernity

I’m delighted to post that the folks at Lexington Books have given me permission to publish an excerpt of Temples of Modernity: Nationalism, Hinduism, and Transhumanism in South Indian Science. So, you can download the introduction and chapter one here.

Temples of Modernity cover copy

I hope that folks will find the sample material helpful in deciding whether they ought to request their libraries acquire copies. I mean, of course I think your library needs a copy. 🙂  Hopefully you’ll think so too!

There are lots of elements discussed in the book that have been cropping up in my global newsfeed, such as belief in Vedic technology at the Indian Science Congress. The book helps make sense out of such issues while simultaneously offering  new, ethnographically-informed tools to the study of religion, science, and technology.

I hope that you’ll give it a look. And if you’re interested in acquiring a copy, you can it directly from Lexington or from Amazon.

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