Reviewer search – a “free” book for you!

Are there scholars out there who’d like to have a copy of Futures of Artificial Intelligence but have more time than disposable income? Or scholars who just enjoy the feeling of doing a service to the industry by providing book reviews so that others know whether something is a good fit for their interests…and wanna do that with Futures?

If you’d like to do a review for an academic journal or maybe a popular media spot like a newspaper, please let me know. I can provide a link so the publisher will mail you a copy of the book so that you can do the review and submit it for publication.

Some options might include:

  • Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science
  • Technology & Culture
  • Science, Technology, & Human Values
  • Philosophy East & West
  • Theology and Science
  • Journal of Asian Studies
  • Anywhere else your heart desires!

Obviously, I’m hoping that you’ll find the book a fun and interesting read. If you read it, I hope that you’ll love it. 🙂

Reach out to me via email (robert.geraci (at) if you want to do a review.

One thought on “Reviewer search – a “free” book for you!

  1. Please send me a copy of the book Futures Of Artificial Intelligence . I hope I come up with a review at some point of time. The title and the cover picture inspire me to read. Regards Nupur Munshi


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